Have you ever associated a sound or jingle with a company or product? Big brands know the powerful effect of branded sound, and that’s why you always think of products from companies like Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, and others when you hear certain sounds or melodies.

Our digital marketing agency has a team of experienced music and sound producers that specialize in audio branding, so we sat down with them to discuss what branded audio is all about and how it can help empower brands.

What’s branded sound all about?

Branded music and sound is music and sound that is produced to match a brand’s overall identity. Think of it as the music tracks and sound effects that play whenever a company’s logo comes up on a screen.

But startup sounds and jingles are not the only elements you can find in branded sound. In fact, a complete branded sound service encompasses the following:

Audio Identity

Producers create an audio identity by working together with a brand to transform the brand’s image and objectives into a coherent and engaging sound and music experience, or in other words, to create music and sounds that are unique to the brand.

Audio Logo

This is a sound effect or jingle that’s designed to generate brand recognition and recall. This is the audio version of a company’s logo.

Sound Design For Products

These are sounds that are custom-made by producers to enhance the user experience while people are using a brand’s app or device.

Audio Management

This is a recurrent service where producers stay in constant communication with brand managers to ensure all music and audio is coherent across all marketing channels.

How Can Branded Audio Empower Your Brand?

Branded Audio Increases Brand Recall

Playing unique sounds and music when your brand comes up in an ad or video has the power to humanize your brand’s presence, which builds a more recognizable “brand voice” that helps people memorize your brand’s sounds and recall it easier.

Branded Audio Improves Brand Recognition

Branded audio such as custom music or sound effects creates a strong emotional association to your brand in people’s minds, making it easier to recognize it as a leading brand in your niche.

Branded Audio Increases The Impact Of Branded Visuals

Branded visuals such as logos make a much greater impact when played in perfect synch with a branded music track. In fact, coherent sounds and visual enhance the emotional impact by over 1,000%. That’s why it is important to develop a strategy that unifies branded audio and visuals as a single unique asset.

Branded Music Increases ROI

Branded visuals that play in good synch with cool music can shape the way people perceive your brand, which influences how much they’ll spend towards your products. This is why ads with music are two times more likely to increase purchasing intent than silent ads.

Wrapping Up

Branded audio can really make a difference when it comes to creating a relatable brand. Do you want to market memorable products that people will remember forSSD1 years to come thanks to branded audio? Then get in touch with us here, our audio professionals are ready to help you.