If you are a regular internet user and business owner, you’ve probably read about digital transformation somewhere.

But what is it, and should you care?

Digital transformation is the use of digital technology to transform the way a company operates and the way it services its customers. It also refers to any number of strategies and processes a company relies on to join the digital transformation.

Despite its widespread use among computer science professionals, digital transformation is no buzzword; every business and company are increasingly more dependent on digital data and technology to keep pace, so digital transformation is a necessary process your business needs to go through if you want it to survive in today’s world.

Digital business transformation is not easy feat, and you need to consult a tech team that can walk you through the tech and steps your business needs to take to transition into a digital organization.

Because your business needs are unique, you also need to consult a team with skilled programmers on board that can help you create custom software solutions for your operations.

You will need to do the switch to the digital business model sooner or later if you haven’t done so already, so here’s a summary of things a tech team can do to help you accelerate your digital business transformation.

Web Development And eCommerce

A tech team can create a unique website for your business. This website will be designed to integrate with all your other business operations, such as allowing visitors to create accounts and make purchases directly on your site.

This is possible because a skilled tech team can integrate an electronic commerce or eCommerce system into your website.

Custom Business Software

A tech team can create software that is specifically made for your business needs. Whether it is a product database, a security system, a graphics design suite, a human resources or client management system, an email client, an online login system, gaming software, or more complex solutions, a group of skilled programmers can design software to be used exclusively by your company.

Integration With The Cloud

The data your business collects is important but storing it on traditional devices only can be a risk for several reasons. A hard drive can heat up and fail, blackouts can corrupt your saved data, or rogue employees can wipe out data on purpose.

A tech team can help you mitigate these risks by helping you upload your data to the cloud, which is simply storage space safely maintained online.


A tech team can help you secure your digital business environment with smart solutions that go beyond installing an antivirus. A skilled tech team can design a custom firewall, custom network security, and a custom encryption system for your employees.

Integration With AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more accessible and mainstream these days, and a tech team can integrate AI technology into your digital business to make things easier for you and your employees.

For instance, a skilled tech team can create a custom chat bot that engages customers on your website and on Facebook before forwarding them to a real person if necessary.

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