One of the things that will help any business thrive in the digital era is good written communication.

Being able to communicate in letters is vital, even more so for businesses. This is because digital businesses inevitably do most of their customer engagement on screen through blogging, social media posts, and emails.

Good copy for optimizing websites and content is also dependent on good writing skills. Businesses even need good writers to create scripts for their marketing videos.

Translation is also an important skill for businesses that plan to expand their reach to audiences in other regions.

When you consider this, it becomes clear that hiring skilled copy writers and translators is not only important, but vital for the survival of your business.

How vital? Read on and you’ll learn the different ways in which writing and translation can improve your business’ content delivery and reach.

A Good Writer Can Create Content That Speaks To Your Target Audience

If you write content in a generic, unemotional tone, you will risk engaging nobody. That’s why a good, skilled copy writer will study your brand before he or she starts writing anything.

Studying your brand will allow the writer to develop a brand voice and tone that fits your target audience.

Whether it’s millennials, Gen Z youngsters, new parents, career professionals, retro enthusiasts, tech hobbyists, or young entrepreneurs, a good writer will know the tone and voice they have to use when writing for your brand.

A Good Writer Will Help You Send A More Effective Message

A good writer will know the exact words and structure to use in order to explain what your brand, products, and services are all about.

Depending on the type of customers you’re trying to reach, a skilled writer will know how technical or how basic he can be.

A Good Writer Knows Not To Overlook Any Information

A dedicated writer knows there are certain pieces of information that are easy to overlook. For example, a web developer creating a business website can easily overlook obvious yet vital information such as the business’ address or contact info.

A writer on the other hand knows he has to compile all information that needs to go into a website or page before he starts creating copy, so you don’t risk missing any information.

A Good Writer Knows Not To Overuse Buzzwords And Jargon

Buzzwords and jargon can sound deceptive and exaggerated, so good writers know better than to use them.

What’s more, an experienced writer is aware that jargon can confuse and alienate people that are new to a business’ products and services, so he knows to keep content tight, easy to understand, and to the point.

A Good Team Of Writers Can Help You Translate Anything To Any Language

Professional teams of writers have staff that know how to natively translate content to the most commercial languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, French, and German.

Translation teams are also part of professional networks where they can locate other professionals that can help them translate to any other language if they don’t have a native on their team, which can help you reach new audiences in any region of the world.

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