There’s no doubt that videos and animations are great for business. After all, video is the best format that businesses can use to share their stories and showcase their products.

People spent most of their online time watching videos, regardless of the platform they use, which also means video is the right format to promote a brand, a product or service.

The numbers don’t lie: 53% of customers have engaged with a brand after watching a branded video or animation on social media.

But just don’t take our word for it. If you want to understand the importance of video marketing, take a peek at the following benefits of videos and animations for your business.

Videos Are Easy To Understand

Videos are the best format to break down complex ideas into something that’s easy to understand. So, if you are trying to sell a novel product and you need potential customers to understand its benefits, you can create 1st an explainer video to showcase and explain how the products works.

Videos Are Engaging And Fun

Marketing videos and animations use the same strategies used by big-budget animations to engage and entertain the viewer, the only difference being that marketing videos are used to drive awareness about a brand or product, as well as to generate sales.

In other words, marketing videos and animations use creativity, imagination, and irreverence to grab the attention of the viewer and leave a long-lasting impression.

Videos And Animations Improve Conversion Rates

Almost 100% of people that watch a video on a website or social media profile are likely to stay and consume more content instead of bouncing out.

And 64% of those are also very likely to take a desirable action, such as clicking through a link to a sales page, opting in to a sign up form, or make a purchase.

Videos Can Improve The Time Visitors Spend On Your Website

The fact that videos make people stay for longer periods of time on your website also helps you to improve your website ranking.

This is because search engines like Google give a higher rank to websites where visitors spend more time.

Google also gives higher rankings to websites that embed original YouTube videos on their pages.

Animations Save You Time And Money

Creating animated videos is cost effective and fast thanks to modern animation software and a good supply of skilled, affordable artists.

You can have an animated commercial or explainer created in less than a week, and the cost will only go up if you want voice over.

Animations Make It Easier To Bring Your Ideas To Life

Do you think your ideas are too crazy for a marketing video and fear your budget won’t be enough to make them a reality? Don’t worry, because and thanks to modern animation software, no idea is too crazy for a video on a budget.

And even if you want to feature an elephant and a giant truck in your live-action commercials, a skilled animator can use pre-built assets and a free 3D animation program to make it a reality, even on a tight budget!

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